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Lake Zurich Community Unit School District 95

A Message from Dr. Kelley Gallt

October 29, 2021

Dear District 95 Families,

The fall term has been moving swiftly along with so many of the normal school and student traditions, albeit with some modifications for health and wellness considerations. From athletic competitions to activity nights/dances, PTO Halloween events, plays and concerts, and more, our students are busy and loving their ability to be involved in school and school events. It has been such a pleasure to watch our students engaged in their work in the classrooms - see my article below, "A Day in the Class of..." for my own recent experience witnessing some middle school students actively learning.

I am also happy to report that the district remains focused on the ongoing work of our Forward95 Strategic Plan initiatives. One such example is the opening of the new May Whitney Elementary School this fall. As a part of this project, the district will be moving toward demolition of the old school in 2022, but prior to demolition there will be an opportunity for the community to sign up for small, guided tours if desired. For more information, please see the article below.

For those who celebrate, have a safe and fun Halloween holiday! If you are looking for a way to get rid of excess Halloween candy, see the "Treats for Troops" article below. Enjoy your weekend!


Dr. Kelley Gallt

Treats for Troops

LZHS National Honor Society students have teamed up with @SoldiersAngelsOfficial to provide a sweet taste of home to our deployed service members this Halloween! They are shipping excess Halloween candy to the deployed and District 95 Schools are official Drop-Off sites!

Stop by the main office at any District 95 School from November 1st through November 5th, 2021 and drop off any extra Halloween candy!

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Old May Whitney - Community Tours Before Demolition

With the opening of the new May Whitney Elementary School, the District will be moving toward demolition of the old school in 2022. We are aware that many people in the community have personal attachments to this building as it has served our community well as a high school, middle school, and most recently an elementary school since the original construction of the building in 1929. As such, we are offering short, guided tours to anyone interested in seeing the inside of the building one last time. Advanced signups (and masks) are required for all tours, which will be held on November 11 & November 15, 2021, from 3:00 – 7:00 pm. Please click here to sign up for a guided tour.

In addition, the decorative elements of the 1929 section of the building are being taken down and stored, possibly to be used elsewhere in the district. Additionally, it is our intention to facilitate the sale of bricks from the old building (cleaned and prepared); however, those details are not yet available. We will communicate more information about this sale in the weeks to come.

Health & Wellness Updates

SAVE THE DATE: Vaccination Opportunity for Ages 5-11

The District is excited to partner once again with our local Jewel-Osco to offer an onsite opportunity for District 95 students to receive the COVID-19 vaccination. Pending final approval and authorization by the FDA and CDC, the District is tentatively holding Tuesday, November 16, 2021 as a date to offer onsite vaccinations for the 5-11 year old age group. The second dose date would be scheduled for Tuesday, December 7, 2021. The time slots will be from around 3- 8 p.m. More details and registration information will be made available once the authorization is confirmed and Jewel-Osco notifies us of their final dose allotment.

Close Contact Exclusion Guidance

Over the past several weeks we have answered many questions regarding student exclusions from school due to being a close contact to a positive COVID case. We wanted to take the opportunity to clarify the current exclusion guidance as it relates to vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals.

  • Vaccinated Individuals: For vaccinated individuals, unless the person develops symptoms, they do not need to quarantine following an exposure to a confirmed COVID case. Vaccinated individuals who are identified as being exposed to a confirmed COVID case are encouraged to test between days 3 and 5 following exposure, to maintain physical distancing, and to continue to adhere to masking requirements.

  • Unvaccinated Individuals: For unvaccinated individuals, the School Health Office will provide guidance regarding next steps for families as it relates to quarantine periods. In some cases (such as following bus or classroom exposures), students may have the option to remain in school if they participate in a series of COVID tests. Please visit the District Health & Wellness website HERE (see Quarantine Information) for more detailed information.

Voluntary COVID Testing Information & Participation

As an additional mitigation measure, District 95 has established a voluntary COVID screening testing program for the 21-22 school year for any student, family, or staff member interested. Please visit the District Health & Wellness website HERE (see Voluntary COVID Testing Information) for additional details.

Appreciation Days

This year we will be highlighting appreciation days for various staff roles throughout the district. By sharing these dates with you via this newsletter and social media, we hope you will take a moment to share your appreciation with the individuals who serve our district in these roles.

  • November 8th -12th – National School Psychology Week
  • November 15th - Illinois School Board Members Day
  • November 17th - Education Support Professionals Day
  • November 19th - Substitute Appreciation Day

A Day in the Class of…Ms. Lamb, Middle School South

In this feature article, “A Day in the Class of…”, we will highlight the Superintendent as a member of a classroom for one full period. A different school and class will be highlighted each month, allowing readers a view into the classroom from a new perspective! Enjoy!

  • Lots of fun learning today in Ms. Lamb’s class at Middle School South, though I was nervous to start as everyone needed to be prepared to speak about the articles we were each assigned to read.
  • The class was pretty excited about the activity Ms. Lamb planned: A Socratic Seminar, which involves two circles of participants with specific roles.

  • We began by discussing our expectations for the conversation as an inner circle member with our outer circle (pre-identified) friend.
  • As a part of the inner circle, we started by talking about a dilemma. In our discussion, we talked about herd behavior, conformity, how emotions affect behavior, and how perceptions shape our responses. Conversations were really interesting and helped me to better understand the concept of herd behavior, as well as the need to be willing to be an independent thinker and voice.
  • After about ten minutes of conversation, we turned to our outside circle partner to gain peer feedback regarding our inner circle conversations. I received great feedback with one suggestion for improvement… try asking a question as a follow up to my comments. Then those of us participating in the inside circle were able to switch places with the outside circle members.
  • My role as an outside circle participant was to listen and provide feedback to my partner.
  • We ended the class by thanking each other and finalizing in writing any information and reflections we wanted to share with Ms. Lamb.

Wow! What a great learning experience… literally everyone spoke, everyone was prepared, and everyone participated in a respectful manner (even when disagreement occurred). Thank you to Ms. Lamb and her class for a great discussion!

Symptom Monitoring Reminders

We want to take this opportunity to provide a reminder that while the District is currently not requiring a daily health screener, all students, families, and staff members must remember that regular symptom monitoring is an important mitigation strategy to maintain the ability to continue in-person instruction. As such, please remember that students who are not feeling well CANNOT attend school, and families MUST report their symptoms to their school health office. In addition, siblings or family members of ill or symptomatic students CANNOT attend school until the symptomatic student has been cleared by the school nurse, which may include a negative COVID test. Finally, students and/or students of family members who have tested positive for COVID cannot attend school and must contact the school nurse.

Board Briefs

As a convenience to families, shortly after Board meetings we are now publishing “Board Briefs” which contain a few highlights from the agenda of recent meetings. Board Briefs are available on our website under the School Board menu (or click here).

As always, full meeting agendas can be viewed on our website or by clicking here, and full livestream recordings are also available and can be viewed here.