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Q 2020 Virtual Summit

With each passing day, how we define “normal” is forced to evolve a little more. Some people are still doing their jobs, some no longer can. For some, the coronavirus remains beyond the walls of our homes, while sadly others have been affected directly. But, one positive side effect of all of this is a sense of shared experience between people all around the globe.

Everywhere I look, people are working together to overcome challenges, whether it’s medical staff, educators, businesses, faith leaders or even political leaders. Christians are demonstrating their desire to communicate the love of God and the hope that can only be found in Jesus. This is the theme of the blog released this week on Read it here.

The response to COVID-19 can move us to isolation, but it cannot stop us from following in Jesus’ footsteps. We just find new pathways. This is what Q has done in transitioning the conference that was going to take place in Nashville to a "Virtual Summit" on April 22,23. I encourage you to join Heather, me and our Sacramento Q community online for this great experience - and plan to meet up again in October for Q Commons Sacramento. Walk in Hope!

Jeff Kreiser