Novio Boy

By: Gary Soto


A 9th grade boy named Rudy goes a date with the lovely girl from his school named Patricia. The only problem is that this is Rudy's first date and it's with an 11th grade girl. He is panicking about how the date will go so he's in need of help. Luckily he has his friends and family there to help prepare him for the girl of his dreams. Alex, his best friend gives him advice on how to talk to girls. Then there was his uncle who help him pay for his date. Patricia has some doubt from her friends because they think Rudy is too immature for her. Patricia gets her hair done at a salon where she ends up seeing Rudy's mom. She wasn't happy her son was giving some girl all his attention. Rudy ends up taking her to the restaurant when his whole family starts showing up.

The theme is "Growing up is a part of life". Evidence: Rudy and Patricia went on a date.

Inner conflict: Rudy didn't want his mom to know about Patricia, his date.

Evidence: Rudy was scared that his mom would know about Patricia.

External Conflict: Rudy doesn't have enough money for his date.

Evidence: Rudy: Tio I don't have enough money for my date.


Splotch:a daub, blot, or smear of something, typically a liquid.

Wiping: clean or dry (something) by rubbing its surface with a cloth, a piece of paper, or one's hand synonyms: rub, mop, sponge, swab, clean, dry, polish, towel.

Reminisces: a story told about a past event remembered by the narrator synonyms: memories, recollections, reflections, remembrances.

Favorite Quote: A Chicano hippie, lo mejor the best. Peace...Love...! Viva la raza!.

Explain Why: Because it helps me understand that uncle Juan is a Hippie.