December 18, 2020

Eagle Academy encourages academic excellence by integrating proven instructional methods with a challenging curriculum and high expectations.This combination provides every child with the foundation needed to achieve proficiency of Eagle Academy’s performance standards at each instructional level.

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  • Dec. 18 - Jan. 3 - Winter Break
  • Jan. 4 (Monday) - First day of 3rd qtr.
  • Jan. 6 (Wednesday) - Return to In-Person Informational Zoom (10:00 a.m.)
  • Jan. 18 (Monday) - Martin Luther King Day (no classes)
  • Jan. 19 (Tuesday) - Tentative first day of In-Person Instruction

More information about these events appear further down in the newsletter. You can also visit the News & Events section of our website homepage. (https://www.asdk12.org/eagleacademycharter)

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  • All students (K-6) will be split into an AM Cohort and a PM Cohort on Tue., January 19th.
  • Approximately 10-13 students depending on the number of students who elect to stay online. (Siblings & car-pooling will be taken into consideration)
  • EACS online will continue to be available for students with health and safety concerns or families who have scheduling challenges with drop off and pick up.
  • Students in each cohort have 2.5 hrs. of in-person instruction per day (4 days/wk, M-Th.)
  • English/Language Arts and Math in-person | Science and Social Studies asynchronous
  • Specials remain online via Zoom on Fridays
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Cohort AM & Cohort PM

When ASD determines that we can move to in-person instruction Eagle Academy will be utilizing a Cohort. All students, K-6 will return in two cohorts. The AM Cohort will attend in-person instruction at school Monday-Thursday in the mornings (8:30 - 11:10), everyone will be learning at home asynchronously on Fridays, and the PM Cohort will attend in-person instruction at school, Monday-Thursday in the afternoons (12:30 - 3:10).

In preparation for someday returning to In-Person instruction, we are in the process of analyzing our enrollment data. In order to create two cohorts relatively equal in size for all grade levels, we may have to veer from the traditional A-M and N-Z alphabet split.

Our main priority will be to keep students from the same family in the same cohort.

Please email Principal Carroll at carroll_deanne@asdk12.org if you:

  1. Would like to request to be in a particular cohort, with a particular student, due to carpooling considerations.
  2. If you plan to continue with EACS Online at home instead of sending your student to in-person instruction.

Please include the first and last names, as well as the grade level of each student involved in your request. We will do our best to honor requests however, we hope that you will understand if we are unable to do so.

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Our school picture coordinator, Jennifer Bundy has been working with Life Touch to schedule a school picture day for sometime this spring. She has tentatively secured Wednesday, February 10th as our school picture day. Please mark this special date on your calendars.

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Hello All!

I am getting the yearbook set up, and wondered if there was anyone that wanted to help work on it this year? Things are kind of up in the air on how it will all work out, but hoping to do some brainstorming with those that might want to participate.

If you are interested or have questions, send me an email or a text. jeeperjoebundy@yahoo.com or (907) 884-5008.

Thanks, Jennifer Bundy

Northern Lights Coupon Book

The Eagle Academy Charter School PTO will be selling the highly sought after Northern Lights Coupon Book as a fundraiser.

Each book is $55.00 and a portion of the sales will go to the EACS PTO.

To ensure we have enough available for purchase, please let us know if you plan to purchase one.

Submit pre-order forms to: Alysia Thayer - (303) 378-3097

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Deanne Carroll - Principal

Vanessa Hall - APB Chair: (907) 230-6365

Missy Timberlake - APB Teacher: (907) 301-8653

Mindy Edison - APB Teacher: (907) 223-7774

Jennifer Bundy - APB Parent Member: (907) 884-5008

Cheryl Raile - APB Parent Member: (858) 780-6225

Paige Saylor - APB Parent Member: (843) 437-5783

Vacant - APB Community Member

Eagle Academy PTO

Tonya Prentiss - Chair: (719) 213-5678

Beth Sherwood - Co-Vice-Chair: (907) 362-3499

Alysia Thayer - Co-Vice-Chair: (303) 378-3097

Vanessa Hall - Co-Treasurer: (907) 230-6365

Amie Mitchell - Co-Treasurer: (907) 830-1604

Haley Gagnon - Secretary: (907) 310-6690

Heather Milligan - Parent Rep: (774) 254-1238

Mindy Edison - Teacher Rep (907) 223-7774