Welcome to STEM English!

...and to the 2015-2016 School Year.

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1. Please find your seat (on the back table) and get your journal out!

  • The first 3-5 minutes of class will ALWAYS be for writing in your journal.
  • Today you can borrow paper from the supply bookshelf if needed.
  • Each day you should be prepared to share out.
  • Yes, you need to write in complete sentences, and yes, you must write until I ask you to stop. :)

English II Prompt:

Reflect on your past experiences in English classes. Pick one and write about it. It can be positive or negative, but make sure to tell me why it sticks out in your mind, and how it affected your perception of English.

AP Language Prompt:

Reflect on why you chose to sign up for AP Language and what you hope to get out of this course.

2. Let's take a tour of the classroom!

3. My Summer Summed Up, "4 weeks & 4 countries"

4. REMINDER: Summer Reading is a MUST. If you haven't done it yet, don't bother with excuses. You have until Monday before you will be seriously handicapped by your procrastination.

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5. School Pictures are scheduled for FRIDAY, AUGUST 28. Come ready!

Please make sure that your parents recieve the forms that I am handing out to you TODAY. (Not Thursday night...)

6. Get to know you game!

On the beach ball, I have many "ice breaker" questions or answer prompts. Whichever your LEFT THUMB is on or nearest to when you catch it, is the one YOU will answer. When it is your turn, you must first say YOUR NAME, and then say the FIRST answer to the question or prompt that comes to mind. (It works best if you have limited time to answer the prompt!)

7. Go to my MOODLE PAGE (previously NetSchool). Enroll yourself in the course, and then find the "FIRST DAY SURVEY".

What you don't complete in class today is due before class tomorrow! I will use the results in my presentation (not your answers, just data!), so it is important that you get this done ASAP.