Polar bear

Mr. Vandusen period 2 5/16/16


Polar bears rarely kill people. Also people threaten the survival of polar bears through pollution and hunting. One of the polar bear's adaptions is the very big size of it's feet,useful for arctic,semi-aquatic lifestyle,the one bear's that only grows to the largest sizes is the Kodiak bear, but a subspieces of the brown bear.(sirs discover), (Oceana).


Polar bear can swim up to 161 kilometers.Polar bears learn how to fight and also big paws are good for swimming.What polar bears do to clean their skin is they roll around on the ice but it looks like their playing. polar bears can run for short bursts at speeds of up to 25 miles and (40 kilometers). They range throughout the arctic ocean as far north as the north pole. (world book student)

Body Covering

The bears fur keeps him warm in the cold. His fury ears traps heat. It's fur is white and Also their while fur helps to hide the bears in the snow when they are hunting. (sirs discover),(polar bears international).


Polar bears eat one kind of meat and that is called scavenge meat. The kind of food bears like to eat the most is seals but other foods they eat is sea bird,lemmings,fish,berries and grasses.The main food source is ringed seals which they capture when they surface to breathe or they hunt them in there nest.They eat large amounts of meat very quickly when it is available. (sirs discover),( kids world book online).


The baby cub stays with the mother for about 2 years.When sea ice changes over the ocean in the chilly weather,lots of polar bear's are okay with pregnant females.In spring the mom emerges from her den followed by her baby cubs,the polar bear will stay inthe winter and give birth to one to three cubs. (kids national geographic), (sirs discover)


Polar bears live in the arctic and they also live in the temperature can be 10 degrees and lower.polar can be found in Alaska,Canada,Russia,Greenland,and the Norway. they also live strong in the cold. (polar bear international).

Other Information

Male polar bears are like 8 to 11 feet long and they also weigh like 500 to1,100.The bears behavior depends what you do if you mess with him then he will get angry. If you are just quiet and you look at him then he isn't gonna bother you.These polar bears can be global warning. Big claws are good for swimming. (Sirs discover) (world book kids)

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