Tech Tidbits

Liberty Elementary Fall 2015

STC Role in the school

Tech Contact for the school 

Provide initial on-site tech support 

Use Help Desk to coordinate with District Tech 

Point of contact for tech grants 

Maintain building level tech inventory 

Chair technology committee

Supplemental position paid from district funds 

Certified or Classified staff 

Principal selects annually 

Work is completed outside of normal school hours

Helpdesk Tickets

It is imperative that you ALWAYS complete a helpdesk ticket. This allows me to keep track of what needs to be done. Without this I have no record of this problem, or that it has been fixed. I have spent almost every minute of my time that hasn't been with students this school year working on technology. I realize that things happen and we all have emergencies, but it really helps keep me on track if the helpdesk ticket is completed first. It also shows the tech and Mr. Brooks what hasn't been completed.


Accepting Technology Donations

· Anything teachers are receiving from sites such as Donor’s choose (or other sources) should be approved through the donation process.

· AND any of those items that meet the fixed asset definition (such as iPads) should be given an FCPS tag.

· All items become the property of the district, not the staff member. However with principal approval, a staff member can take donated items to other FCPS schools if they move.