Instructional Planning

Using nine categories of Marzano's strategies

"Simply using the strategies at random will not raise student achievement; teachers must also understand how, when, and why to use them."~Bryan Goodwin, Simply Better

Power walk-throughs are a great tool that allows me to get in the classroom and observe what the students are doing. I love walking into a classroom of created learning chaos. The students are learning, through doing. Many teachers are masters of this type of learning chaos. And, some teachers struggle with the concept of losing control of the class. So, a level of learning is never mastered by the students. I challenge you, yeah let go and allow your students to learn through chaos.

Teach Two Types of Knowledge: Declarative and Procedural

Declarative knowledge is informantional. Procedural knowledge is process oriented and includes skills, tactics, and process. ~Classroom Instruction that works, p. 159

Declarative knowledge is conscious; it can often be verbalized.

Procedural knowledge involves implicit learning, which a learner may not be aware of, and may involve being able to use a particular form to understand or produce language without necessarily being able to explain it.
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