Nicolaus Copernicus

Amazing Renaissance Scientist

Background of Copernicus

When Nicolaus' dad died, he was taken by his uncle who was a bishop. When Copernicus went to college, he studied many things. But, he studied medicine and later dropped out without a medical degree. When he went to the University of Bologna, he studied the writings of Ptolemy, and learned Greek. Copernicus went to many colleges, one of which he studied mathematics and painting.


Nicolaus Copernicus proved that the Earth was not the center of our solar system, but the sun was the center of the solar system and that all the planets revolve around it. This is known as, Heliocentric. He also studied mathematics, which helped him prove his theory.


He changed the way of thinking astronomically, because he proved the sun was the center of the solar system. And also the way of thinking religiously. Copernicus is the founder of modern astronomy.


Nicolaus was writing a book, but died a few days before it was published.

In Copernicus's early works, he only shared his work between his friends, because he feared it might cause a disturbance in other religious and scientific communities.


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