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Christmas is coming up.

Learn about how to be smart with your money

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Christmas shopping

The entire country will be shopping around Christmas in order to give gifts to their loved ones. But you might miss out because you didn't have a game plan to purchase the gifts you want to give your family.
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Money is everything!

If your are going to go shopping you need to know how to spend money so you do not go broke. And here are things that you can do to be aware of how much you can spend without being in debt.

  • Calculate how much money you have each month after taxes and bills.
  • Then take 10% of that amount and what it comes out to is how much you can spend safely
  • If the wish list is over the amount of the safe money then you will have to cut back on spending or you can borrow money from your family so you don't get into debt.
  • Look for discounts and sales on items on your families wish list so you have a better possibility to buy the gifts your family wants.

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