Ellis Island

Annie T.


Expanding 27 acres and supporting several builds is Ellis Island. It received thousands of different cultures a day, and has had a long history on how it was founded and when it was officially made as an immigrant station.

how it opened

It was named for a Manhattan merchant Samuel Ellis that owned it in the 1770s. Around 1810, New York sold the island to the federal government. The immigration center opened in 1892. it serve as an immigration center for a very long time, or about after World War II. It passed different cultures everyday and thousands of them. Ellis Island closed and became a very historical site to America and even other countries who's ancestors came to America during that period of time.

What Happend There

Millions of people would pass through Ellis island to go to America to start a new life. Doctors would examine them to check them for disabilitys or sickness. If you were sick or mental you would be sent back to your mother country. Even if you were a kid you can get sent back and separated from the rest of your family. For those who can get cured

could stay in Ellis island until they got better and would be examined once more to decide if they should get sent back finally or go to America


Ellis island is a great place to learn about and even go and visit. The interesting things about Ellis island is how it opened and what the people did while they were there. This place has had a lot of people on it and now is a place to visit. I wonder if it will ever be used again for something else even if its not an immigration station?