Math Dept. News!

Week of Sept. 8

Great Start to the Year!

Yall are doing an absolutely amazing job so far this year! I know we have had a few technology hiccups, but I want to thank everyone for being so flexible and working together to work it all out. It's going to be a year of exciting changes for us with new TEKS, new resources, new team members, a new passing standard for the Algebra I EOC, and a new (super supportive) curriculum specialist. But I'm super excited and hope you are too!

Dates to Remember...

I know we haven't been able to talk about all these events yet, but I just want you aware of things that are coming up for your planning purposes.

Sept 18- Ms. Reinholt's birthday!

Sept 22- After school department meet-up at 3:00 (more details from Mrs. Lusk to come)

Sept 23- Early release for students, campus PD and meetings for staff

Sept. 26- Mrs. Lusk's birthday!

Oct. 13-14- Math CBAs (Alg 1, Geom, Alg 2, and Precal...more info to come)

Oct. 14- PSAT (all 10th and some 11th graders)

Oct. 21-22- College Board Sample Testing (all 11th grade Alg 2 and Pre-AP Pre-cal...more info to come)

Don't Accidentally Delete GDrive Docs!

Recently, some info has been removed from the Google Drive curriculum folders, and I suspect it was just accidentally moved out by some awesome teacher actually using their curriculum documents :)

If you want to save a copy of anything from Google Drive, please do not just move the icon to your desktop or different folder. Instead:

-Go to File

-Click on Make a Copy

-Rename the file to whatever you want

-Move or save your personal copy wherever you want!

Have a great week!

Usually I make these a lot prettier....but oh well. Sometimes you just have to get the info out! Stay tuned for more info on the math dept. get together later this month, math dept shirts, and other exciting news!