The Legislative Branch


The Legislative Branch (Congress) and Limitations

The Legislative Branch of Government

This video offers a succinct and informative explanation and review of the authority granted the US Legislature by the Constitution.Take notes to remember key points

That All Sounds Good, But What Does Congress Really DO?

Nine Steps to Passing a Law A law is not passed overnight. There is a process by which it is introduced, examined, reviewed, examined and then reviewed again. This whole process allows Congress time to effectively examine the law and time for THE PEOPLE to become involved by voicing opinions and more.

Look up your representative by scrolling down until you see "Current Members in Congress" and open SC. You will find the Representatives and Senators for South Carolina and learn more about each. There is much to discover here. See the floor of Congress in Livetime. Look at the items being considered for vote/have passed/ or may be in the process.


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