Know What Your Eating

Chew On this

Kids Main soucre of buisness

Kids Today are the main source of business with fast food industry's. The biggest toy company i the world is McDonalds,and that is true ,proven that 1 of every three toy given to a child is from a fast food restaurant Kids have been the main focus, kids like bright color's,clowns,animal,and Overall they love toys. So if a kid is ask what he wants for dinner well what will he choose? Fast food with yummy chicken nuggets and fries with a toy or will he have to eat gross meat loaf ?He will say the first choice because of the toy!

Kids can you chew on this if you get a toy?


Fast food Industrys devolped all at once ,ideas spread and the word got out.over time companys ;earned the biggest way to get money and that was how kids got involved because kids nag there parent and its easy and cheap,but the food its self is horrible for kids to eat,its filled with things that people dont know about and people should know what there "Chewing on"

Eric Schlosser

Eric Schlosser, an award-winning journalist. Chew on this has been a national bestseller.