Eating Disorders

Marianna Haugen


Eating disorders are emotional and physical addictions that lead to mood swings, physical problems, and potential death.This is an obsession with food , weight and appearance. Some known types of eating disorders are Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, Compulsive Eating Disorder, Bing Eating, and Obesity.


People who suffer from eating disorders often feel like they aren't good enough, and their self-esteem is mostly related to body image. They often don't realize the intensity of the situation. But in some cases, that pushes them to go even further.

Who Can Help

It is often scary to tell someone that you are having problems. So it's a good idea to tell someone who loves you, and someone that you can trust. If you don't feel like that is an option, you can also see professional help, which is in your best interest anyway.


If you want to quickly find out if you have an eating disorder and what you should do, you can take an online test. But it is definitely best if you go to your doctor so they can go through with their tests and exams. You are tested by your doctor measuring your height, weight, body max index, checking for vital signs, sometimes blood will be drawn, and x-rays. (Physical Evaluations: Physical Exam, Laboratory Tests, Other Studies, Psychological Evaluations, Diagnostic Criteria)


If the diagnosis comes out positive, there are different ways that you can be treated. The best way is to go to an actual treatment center and be with other people going through the same thing. But you can also just talk to therapists, and find a good recovery process.


I think most people are able to agree that they don't always feel comfortable in their own body. Eating Disorders are so extreme, and you often don't know what you are getting yourself into right away. Harming your body in any way is not going to make you love yourself. That will just push you to go farther and farther into your eating disorder, and this can lead to potential death. I think it is awful how you may think you are alone it this. But over 8 million Americans suffer from some type of eating disorder. It is best to be treated right away so it doesn't get to the extreme. If you don't feel comfortable in your body, there are so many other healthy ways to change it. You can go on a safe diet, exercise, maybe even find a sport that you enjoy. I know it seems like a lot of work, but it's really not. Purposely harming your body is never the way to go.
Megan Maughan - "5 Reasons to Date a Girl With an Eating Disorder"
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