Life on the goldfields

by ryan.k

women on the goldfields

more than 160 thousand women were on the goldfields among the 600 thousand that arrived in victoria between 1851 and 1860 they felt austrailia was a better place to live. It was unlikely to have women miners on the goldfields so they set up shops and cooked for the men sometimes. Women that were pregnant also had a high chance of catching diseases and dying.

goldfields life

life on the goldfields was tough and was very hard to go in and out without a sratch so they needed to be prepared. There were also lots of diseases and not much medical help either making it very tough in summer and winter.
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chinese on the goldfields

chinese on the goldfields sold vegetables to miners and worked just like the others but unfortunately the other miners thought that the chinese worked harder than the other miners and there was alot of racism to them and they were aklways robbed and bashed up by the other miners.


the miners used pickaxes shovels buckets and pans for mining digging and panning for gold miners used pickaxes pans and shovel and shaft used buckets pickaxes and a cradle.

different types of mining

the miners used many different types of minning such as panning for gold in the water,digging it up or just even minning it with a pickaxe however there are two main types of mining such as alluvial and shaft each are different two each other like shaft is much more expensive than alluvial.
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