CC & Co is great!


From the first moment you walk through the door, you feel like you are part of this tightly knit, energy filled family. The Front desk staff is eager to greet you and help you find answers to all of the questions that you have and maybe, some you didn't.;) The manager, MeLissa pops out of her office with a huge smile on her face singing my child's name, begging for a hug. Her warmth is undeniably effortless. The instructors are always buzzing around the lobby from class to class, but take that second, that moment to say hi, to ask us how we are doing, to lend an ear, steal a hug or just let me know that when I leave, my child is in the best, most caring hands. Christy, the owner, is never far away, she shepards her flock with structure and grace. She listens to us and relates to our needs as she maintains focus and integrity. If you need her for words of encouragement, she is there, if you need a reminder of why it is important to allow your child to embrace the gifts that they have individually, she will sit with you in a quiet space and not just listen, but hear you.

After the few hours pass and I run back in to collect my daughter with her many belongings, her cheeks rosy from effort and her smile lighting up the room. She cannot stop talking about her goals and how she accomplished that one certain thing that meant so much to her. CC & Company is truly a special place, you will find love and positivity, laughter and excitement as you enter and as you exit. I am thankful that my child is surrounded by the light and love that we get to call our home away from home.