Taylor Spyksma and Emily Pajazetovic

Health Benefits

Focuses mainly on physical health but also benefits social health because you get to know the people around you and it also benifits mental health because they offer diffrent typed of youga such as: Yoga Flo and Aerial Yoga.

Services Offered

Aerial Fitness (Levels 1-3)

Aerial Stretch & Flex

BOSU Babes

Booty Camp

Vertical Booty Camp

Chick Boxing

Feisty Fitness Fusion

Hottie Body Blast

Pole Trix

Sexy Circuit

TRX Cardio

Booty Beat

Dancing Divas

Firm & Fabulous

Rock & Pole

Luciously Long & Lean



Pole Fitness (Levels 1-6)

Sexy Flexi

Sexy To The Core

Super Stretch & Flex


Vertical Ballet

Yoga Flo


Lunch Pole

Aerial Play

TGR Fitness Commercial

5 Benefits of TGR

-Improves Indurance

-Improves Over All Health

-Improves Cardiovascular Health

-Improves Mental State Of Mind (Endorfins)

-Helps Gain Strength & Muscle

What We Learned

We learned that there are more fun and exciting and easier ways to exercise other than the usual running, stair stepping, squats, curl ups, etc. & and you can do exercises that you like and can work into your everyday life style. TGR fitness is ONLY for women/girls & they have many unique ways of exercise for your choosing that will help imrove your 3 elements of health.


We would recommend TGR fitness to the women/girls out there that don't like to do the plain, boring exercises but enjoy exercising in fun and entertaining ways. We also recommend it to the women/girls that have interest and enjoy the performing arts (Aerial, Lyra, Hammock, etc.) and want to try it for a change.

aerial silks performance "Sail"- Awolnation