Week 1 to 4

Technology, Design and Creative

Thanks everyone

I just wanted to start this bulletin by saying thanks for the team effort that I have seen at the start of the year. Keep sharing and swapping ideas together.


Student numbers - First and Second year students.

The area has currently 636.... 16-18 years, although this is 61 students short of target I believe we can still close this gap. As a rough calculation, if the 61 students are times by 4k for each student, this gives the budget difference. Keep going with those numbers.

Key message......Please keep recruiting...Tuesday 16th and Thursday 18th September are advice and guidance evenings. Thank you again for all the hard work recruiting to our courses.

Second year returners.

All your students that were intending to return for their second year were re-enrolled at the end of last academic year (or should have been). We now need to ensure that they have actually returned.

Action. Please can all staff check and confirm second year student names with their LM by September 16th.

Parents Evening. Wednesday 1 October

The Right Student Right Course Guide for Managers 14/15, p8, states that:

‘A parents’ evening should be scheduled to take place by week 4, so that all major stakeholders are engaged in decisions relating to the learner. ….A key point for discussion should be the piece of marked work.’ It will also cover attendance, punctuality, motivation for the course, progress, and so on, as usual.

Parents’ evenings will therefore take place as follows: Time: 5.00 – 8.30

We will take local decisions for meeting parents on other nights in their week 4, if the volume of students is too great for all interviews to take place on the dates above.

LMs will be provided with:

• A standard letter and an interview schedule - by 15 September

LMs will:

• adapt the letter and schedule as required for their area and will give the letter to students to take home to parents/guardians. If you prefer to post the letter, please organise that on a local basis

• Arrange with staff/students the times for their parents’ interviews.


If you identify students at risk, please arrange to meet with parents immediately. There should be no surprises for parents in their week 4 interview.

BTEC update

Melanie and Hadair are replying to the questions we raised.

I will send responses out via LMs during the week. The power point has also been sent to BTEC for comment.

First 6 Weeks Booklet

Please keep reading this so we get the right student on the right course.

Have all students returned their summer work and have we marked work and given feedback?

Did you know............

As the Technology, Design and Creative area we spend 90K on English and maths servicing. Please make sure that we spend this wisely and support our students to attend. Please remind the students who are doing functional skills this year that they will be need to be in for the five days on their block.