Fight Against R.S.I

And Also How To Prevent It

What Is R.S.I

R.S.I or Repetitive Strain Injury to put in simple terms, it is when a certain body part like tissue, tendons, etc. is used so excessively that it's integrity get worn down. R.S.I's isn't just one symptom, there are countless amounts of them. More famous cases of RSI's are Carpal Tunnel or Rotary Cuff Syndrome.

R.S.I Checklist

Use these checklist to explore to relations with R.S.I
  • Repetitive motions,
  • Lack of movement, or idle for long periods of time

Try to take 5 -10 minutes breaks to exercise overused or underused parts of the body to reduce risks of R.S.I if you said yes to any of the two questions

  • Experiencing pain, stiffness or soreness in places you use frequently
  • Are unable to use parts of the body due to pain
  • Applying heat or cold to painful areas do not work

If you said yes to any this part of the checklist please do not hesitate to contact your doctor and ask them about R.S.I

Prevention for R.S.I

So there is one E letter word to help you avoid R.S.I .


So please take a couple of minutes to watch this short clip, even if you do know what ergonomics is or isn't.

Ergonomics Safety Video

What Is Ergonomics And What YOU Should Do

Ergonomics is the study of people's efficiency in their work environment. So R.S.I ins't exactly helping that study. So to further help the study and follow the tips in the video and optimize the work space to you and not the other way around, to help your fight against R.S.I.


So the last thing to help you against the fight, is just placement. My teacher once told me, once his colleague had some back troubles, she had called a person to help her with the problem, all he simply did was move her phone and her problems were solved. So using the diagram, you should place your items accordingly.
Thank You For Enjoying

Please take some of this into consideration. Thank You and have a nice day.