Jamestown/ John Smith!

Jack Mennow

The amazing settlement!!

Three ships. Coming across the water looking for land in the new world, away from England. The ships land at Jamestown, Virgina, the colonists new home, John Smith, Jamestown's founder steps out thinking,"I know this will work". This writing will involve John Smith rescued by a girl Indian, Indians trusting Jamestown and their ways, and a famous quote.

The Native Americans

Native Americans In Jamestown

The Native Americans came to Jamestown from Africa in 1607. They built sturdy homes on swampy land, planted food, raised cattle and pigs, and defended themselves. 1 year after the Native Americans came to Jamestown, John Smith settled the colony through the woods from the Native Americans. At first the Native Americans did not like the colonists , but later in their lives they trusted smith as a great leader. Now you know mostly everything about Native Americans in Jamestown.

Pocahontas To The Rescue

Pocahontas Saves leader of Jamestown

The real story of Pocahontas saving the leader of Jamestown will be revealed in this in this paragraph.

Some people say John Smith would've been killed by a gunpowder explosion, others say he was captured by a Native American chief and almost clubbed him to death. The real story is, John Smith was captured Indian chief, Powhatan. He was not killed, or almost killed by a gunpowder explosion, he was almost clubbed to death, when Indian maiden Pocahontas saved him from being clubbed to death.

Help From John Smith!!

How Did John Smith Help Jamestown Colony?

This is how Captain John Smith helped the Jamestown colony.

As leader of Jamestown, Captain John Smith tried to keep peace and establish trade with the Indians. He encouraged production in the colony, famously establishing the policy of, "NO WORK NO FOOD!" Captain John Smith said that each heathy person shall gather as much supplies as he, Captain John Smith, did each day or they would be banished. This did not apply for sick people. "History is the memory of time, the life of the dead and the happiness of the living"- Quoted by John Smith before he died on June 21, 1631


A Review Of What You Learned

Are you forgetting what you learned??... Well here's a review. First you learned that many Native Americans settled in Jamestown. They came as slaves from Africa hoping to escape from their brutal owners, successfully doing so they built sturdy homes on swampy land, planted crops, raised animals for food, and finally defended their tribes. Later trusting Captain John Smith and his ways. Second you learned about Pocahontas saving Captain John Smith from Chief Powhatan. Some people believed that John Smith would be killed by gunpowder, others say that he would be clubbed to death by Powhatan, I believe that Pocahontas saved John Smith from being clubbed to death by Chief Powhatan. Lastly John Smith was a trusted leader.