The Grand Canyon

A paradise within a desert

A magnificent, inarguably beautiful, Grand Canyon. You get the opportunity to ride mules fifteen miles down to the Colorado River and an extra four miles to the camp sights. When you get to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, you can have the adventure of a lifetime to ride the rapids of the Colorado River. You'll also have a breathtaking view of the majestic waterfalls of the Grand Canyon.
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After the rapids, mules, and majestic waterfalls, you have to leave sooner or later. There are a lot more reasons why you would want to go to the Grand Canyon. This sunny, beautiful place is the best place to spend time with what really matters most, your family, and get to know your family a lot better through this family experience. If you want a family vacation that you'll remember forever, then go to the majestic Grand Canyon, a paradise within a desert.