From the Principal's View

Week of December 4- December 8, 2017

The Power of Giving

I encountered an excerpt this week about mindset that I found very insightful. The author stated that the only way to remove ourselves from the influence of negative thinking is to allow ourselves to give to others.

For example, a person is overcome with grief or loss, feeling stressed by the paycheck, frustrated with a co- worker, angry because they think work is not equitable. What should they do? The author suggests going to help at a shelter, making a gift for someone else, serving at a food kitchen as ideas. The outcome = change of mindset.

The power comes in service to others and giving which removes the "me" and allows an attitude of "us."

This is an inspiring message about how to change mindset and how to change thinking.

As we move into the IB attitude of appreciation, I challenge you to give in a different way.

Try something new, help another, take a diverse route, move beyond your comfort zone and appreciate the path before you.

Model this for your family, your friends, your students and yourself. Find the power in giving.

GCS Advanced Ed Community Meeting

Tuesday, Dec. 5th, 5:30pm

3000 East Gap Creek Road

Greer, SC

Weekly Calendar

12/4 DLC Walkabouts

12/5 Mills at Principal Mtg, Birthday Book Club

12/6 Kona Ice, Full Faculty Meeting, Staff take Advanced Ed survey

12/7 Students take Advanced Ed survey- grades 3-5

12/8 K4 1/2 day

12/11 Chorus, Handbell and Santa Shop PTA Preview 6:30

Birthday Bunch

12/ 7 Michele Abella

12/ 8 Lynn Gambrell

12/14 Jenny Dehlinger and Jessica Preisig

12/ 15 Michelle Lynch

12/20 Mina Soto

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