Donate to Votua Village, Fiji

If you'd like to donate med supplies, toys, food! You can!

Deadline: May 4

I travel to Fiji with American Universities International Programs (AUIP) each year for 2 months. I stay in a local village (Votua Village). The people are awesome and are fully content with the simple things in life....laughter, love, friends, and family.

Fiji is still a developing island nation and though there are areas where honeymooners and vacationers frolick, there is a different side that most tourists do not see. The villages and the people who live in them are just as beautiful and giving as the wonderful nature that surrounds Fiji.

Every year, I bring back food, toys, and medical supplies to the Village. I visit a total of 7 times while I am there. Each time they are just as grateful and just as deserving.

Since my luggage is limited, I will be buying majority of the supplies in Fiji before I head to the village.

Examples of what will be purchased:

Medical Supplies - bandages, antibiotics, cold/flu medicine, mosquito coils, antiseptics

Toys - coloring books, crayons, school supplies, Rugby balls, bubbles

Food - noodle packets, rice, water, juice packets, candy, chips, tuna, canned meats

If you want to donate, it will be used for the Village of Votua and go towards the above mentioned.

Thank you!

- Jean

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