2B News

September 23-September 27

What's going on in 2B

The students have been working hard on their reading. We are almost at 20 minutes with reading to self! I am so proud of them! Since they will have built stamina for 20 minutes, they are allowed to bring one toy on Friday, September 27! I will give them a few minutes at the end of the day to play with their toys!


Math: We will continue to study place value. We will be practicing representing numbers in four different forms.... standard form, base ten blocks form, expanded form and word form. We will use a hands on approach so that students will have the full understanding of place value and number sense. We also will be implementing new math stations this week! We will have four different math stations that students will rotate throughout the week. They include math by myself, math with a partner, math on the computer and writing about math. As we get more in-depth with our math stations, I will explain them in more detail.

Science: Our mealworms are in and the students are having a blast! Each student has at least one mealworm they have to tend to and observe. They have created a habitat for the mealworms to grow in. I will also introduce waxworms this week where they will be doing the same thing as they do with their mealworms. I am sure they will be talking about their pets!

Language Arts: We will be focusing on main idea, reading with appropriate phrasing, word choice, declariative and interrogative sentences. We have introduced poetry folders and will be getting a poem to add every week. We will also begin a cross-curricular writing activity on insects.

Social Studies: We will continue our learning on the importance of local history and government. We will work together in groups to complete a mind mission! We will also be working on collaboration within groups.


September 26 is Picture Day!

October 8th is the next PTO meeting at 6:30 in the Austin Library

October 8th is our conference day, be sure to sign up!

October 14th is staff development so school will be closed for students

*We have library check out on Wednesday, be sure to turn in your books so you can get two new ones!

3 Ring Binder and Tab Donations!!

As some of you might have heard, we will be implementing some brand new math TEKS this year. They are going to me a lot more in depth than what they used to be. Because of this, we are really stepping up our math game in 2B. We will be making math binders for each student in our class. I would LOVE if you would so kindly donate a 1" three ring binder and a package of 5 tab dividers. I have told the students they can bring any color binder as long as it is 1" and has the clear plastic cover on the outside so that we can put materials in the front. The tabs can be any type, as long as there are 5 tabs. I am asking for these by Thursday, September 26. I will be making a shopping trip on Thursday afternoon to purchase the binders and tabs for any students who do not have them. You are more than welcome to donate extra binders or tabs for students who are unable to bring one. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Fall Teacher Parent Conferences

It's that time of year where we will start parent conferences! At the conference, we will discuss assessments, along with behavior and overall how your child is doing in the classroom. Click on the link below to sign up for a time and date! If you need to reschedule, you can go and edit it as well. I am looking forward to our conference!