The Lady or the Tiger

Frank R. Stockton


There was a king. His daughter was the princess. One day a random courtier(criminal) was flirting with the princess. The king was furious with the courtiers actions. The king threw him into a humongous arena where men were forced to choose life or death. There was two doors. One door had a beautiful women behind it, and the other door had a vicious tiger behind it. The princess helped the man with his choice, and she chose the right door. the story ends here.


It connects to the idea of challenge by giving the crimanal the challenge to choose the right door. If he wouldnt have listende to the princess, he would have picked the vicious tiger.


The courtier has to choose between two doors, the one with a beautiful lady, or the one with a vicious tiger. The princess actually helps the courtier by choosing the right door. The courtier does as he is told. As soon as she helps him and he picks the door, the story all of a sudden stops.


The theme is that no matter what you choose, its whats in store for your future


The King- Antagonist, he was very stern and tough on people.

The Courtier- Protagonist, a dirty mind with a love for the princess

The Princess- Protagonist, she is a polite women who helps the courtier with his decision.