E Cigarette: Truth and Myth

E Cigarette: Truth and Myth

E Cigarette: Truth and Myth

One thing media can clearly do is create a headline and then flash it across for people to see. Recent news that got my attention was the headline in one leading news journal’s news piece which read e cigarette may cause cancer.

I am neither a smoker nor do I have anyone in my family who smokes but I still know people who do and most of them are using e cigarettes. So, for a minute when you read something like this it generates interest and at times when you read about a serious issue it raises concern. I am an avid reader, so I decided to do my little research on something so talked about because as human beings I think we owe it to ourselves.

I would rather talk about what came out of the research I did because I believe putting out facts is rather uninteresting because facts are facts; they can be read and understood but they would still seem boring.

So I read electronic cigarettes cause cancer? But do I believe it? The answer is no, when you go into then detail of the news and make a little effort towards knowing the truth, the outcome is crystal clear and precise.

There is one bad apple in every bunch, similarly there must be and there will always be brands that don’t follow the protocols (we are not new to rule breaking). Yes there are few brands which were found to have chemicals close to as present in tobacco cigarette but there are still better brands which must be doing something right for having the kind of customer base they do. For any consumer it is always advisable to test something before investing money in it, electronic cigarette review site are a perfect way to gather information on a product and read user reviews and experts opinion.

We live in a time where everything is hyped, people tend to complex things. People don’t believe in a simple solution they want something complex for example let’s take a very basic problem every women has, stretch marks, now people would spend thousands of dollars on laser, therapies but the simplest solution available i.e. stretch marks cream, they won’t think about it. They ignore the fact that there are still stretch marks cream which are effective and cheap both (for women who can relate, i have been using a stretch mark cream, revitol for some time, so I am not just saying it).

My question is why turn to complex things when there are still simple and easy ways to do something? I feel e cigarette which may just be the solution to a smoker’s problem is suddenly being targeted by critics and its use is being ignored by them. We all know cancer is primarily caused by smoking, so, why not beat that habit first and then try to investigate e cigarettes because let’s face it tobacco has been around for centuries, they sure deserve the first turn.