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Lothrop Elementary and Middle Level School Sept. 27, 2018

Upcoming Events

  • September 28th: Friday Assembly @ 8:05 AM-Pinson-Fall
  • September 29th: Pittsford Village Farm Flea Market @ 9:00 AM-2:00 PM-Village Farm
  • October 3rd: OVUU Board Meeting @ 6:00 PM-OV Library
  • October 3rd: PTO Meeting @ 6:30 PM-Lothrop Library
  • October 5th: Friday Assembly @ 8:05 AM-Fire Safety
  • October 12th: Friday Assembly @ 8:05 AM-Grades 3-4
  • October 17th: OVUU Board Meeting @ 6:00 PM-OV North Campus
  • October 18th: Picture Day
  • October 19th: No School
  • October 26th: Friday Assembly @ 8:05 AM-Kick Off Red Ribbon Week
  • October 31st: Halloween Parade: 1:15 PM
  • OVUU Board Meeting-October 3rd at 6:00 PM

    An agenda item on the OVUU Board meeting on October 3rd will be proposed construction plans for Lothrop School. The proposal focuses on school safety.

    International Day of Peace

    "The International Day of Peace ("Peace Day") is observed around the world each year on September 21st. Established in 1981 by unanimous United Nations resolution, Peace Day provides a globally shared date for all humanity to commit to Peace above all differences and to contribute to building a Culture of Peace."

    Lothrop observed Peace Day in a Friday assembly. Students learned about visual symbols of peace and created chalk murals.

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    Integrated Arts Column

    What is happening in P.E. Class?

    Hello parents and families! I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to those of you who I have not met! My name is Lacey Stever and I am the new Physical Education/Health Education teacher here at Lothrop. What a great start to the year it has been, and I am more than excited to see what is to come!


    In kindergarten PE we have been learning about what exactly goes on in PE. We have talked about the “Deck” the “safety lines” and how to keep our bodies safe while having fun in PE. The gym is a BIG space which is why it is important to make sure that we move and play safely. We have also played many fun games while students explore body and spatial awareness. Ask your child to show you their own personal bubbles! Last week on Friday was International Day of Peace. To demonstrate peace in PE we practice some yoga poses while listening to a story.

    First and Second Grade

    First and second graders have learned a lot already in PE! They have been learning what is expected of them in PE. They have also participated in many fun games and activities while they are exploring their own body and spatial awareness around the gym. And how to move and play safely. The gym is a BIG space so it is important to explore which is why this is very important! Ask your child what “freeze” means! Or even what their favorite game has been so far! Last Friday was International Day of Peace! We talked about what peace means and looks like, and even showed peace while performing some yoga!

    Third and fourth graders

    What a great first few weeks it has been in third and fourth grade PE! We started off the year learning about what it looks like and what it means to be a good teammate. We did many team building activities that allowed them to explore what it was like to work as a team in order to build a safe, engaging, and trusting atmosphere in PE. We have just moved on to soccer, which I know many of them are very excited about! Last Friday was International Day of Peace. At Lothrop third and fourth graders shared that we show peace by being kind to one another. They also shared what peace means to them and what peace looks like in the world around them! They also experienced a short, peaceful yoga session, while they practiced meditation and some great yoga poses!

    Fifth and sixth graders

    The fifth and sixth graders at Lothrop are always full of energy which is great! We began the year working on cooperative activities so that they had the opportunity to understand what it is like to work on a team and what makes a team successful. This way we can build a trustworthy and respectful class climate where all team members are accepted! We have now moved onto our football unit! Fifth and sixth graders will experience their very own football draft! Stay tuned! Last Friday was International Day of Peace. Fifth and sixth graders were able to experience their own peaceful yoga session, which they all did so well! They were also able to discuss how peace is shown in PE and in their world around them.

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    Pittsford Rec Soccer

    Soccer season has begun! Randy Adams is looking for coaches and players. We have a great need for boys in grades 3-6 and a few more girls to round out the roster would be helpful. Please check in at the front office or with Randy Adams if your student wishes to join or you are able to coach!
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    My name is Robin Fortier, and I am from Castleton, Vermont. I am currently a student at Castleton University working on my Master’s degree in school psychology. I have been placed in the Rutland Northeast Supervisory Union for my internship year. I will be working alongside the RNESU school psychologists to learn how to put my education to use. This will include conducting educational assessments, consulting with teachers and parents, and possibly running some social skills and other support groups. I am really looking forward to this experience.

    PTO Update

    Thank you!

    A HUGE thank you to the individuals that helped to prepare the PTO donation letter mailing. Jessica Stout and Margaret Daly for stamping envelopes, Laurie Pelkey for preparing labels, and Erin Eugair for using her machine to fold all 2200 letters. Thank you!!!


    The Lothrop PTO meets the first Wednesday of the month in the Lothrop Library at 6:30pm. ALL Lothrop families are considered members of the PTO and are welcome to attend meetings.


    The Lothrop PTO conducts fundraisers every year in order to support our mission of enriching the education of Lothrop Students. ALL Lothrop students benefit from our efforts. We will hold a 'Fundraising Blitz' where a number of fundraisers will come home. We DO NOT expect families to participate in ALL of them. We hope that you would find one or two you like and support that way.

    Why do we have fundraisers?

    Throughout the year we fund programs and plan fun events. Last year we hosted a Scholastic Book Fair, all proceeds from the book fair sales go back to the school so they may purchase books and supplies for their classrooms. Other events included: Trunk-or Treat, Lip Sync Battle, Tommy James Magic, Lothrop Exploratories, Four Winds Nature Program, MIleage Club, Field Trip to Montshire Museum, 6th grade Graduation Reception, Pittsford Christmas for Kids, End of Year Celebration, Grandfriends Tea, Pirates of Penzance Jr Musical, Staff Appreciation, and Library Kindle Books.

    Box Tops

    The Lothrop PTO also collects Box Tops for Education, Hannaford Helps reciepts, and Price Chopper Tools for Schools. Don't forget about Amazon Smile when you check out, select Lothrop PTO!

    Upcoming Events

    Wednesday, October 31 from 5:30-6:30pm Trunk or Treat at the Pittsford Recreation Area - Open to the public

    Help Needed

    We are always looking for folks willing to help with various tasks and events so please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to contribute.


    The Lothrop PTO has a private Facebook group. Search for us and ask to be added!

    Lothrop PTO Officers for 2018-19 School Year

    Kelly Connaughton -President

    Laurie Flood Pelkey - Vice President

    Stacey Greeno Pearsons - Secretary

    Thomas Desforges - Treasurer

    Trunk or Treat

    Lothrop Families/Community decorate their trunks and bring them to the Pittsford Recreation Area. Kids go from trunk to trunk for treats! This is a free event!

    Please send an email to if you are interested in hosting a trunk. We will have candy donated to refill your bowl if you run out.


    Candy will be donated by Gecha Fuels, Convenient Medical Care and CVS! Thank you!

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    PTO Fundraiser Blitz

    The PTO Fall Fundraising Blitz is back!

    Fall Bulbs

    • We will be starting with the Fall Bulbs sale. The cost for the bulbs is $10 and the PTO will earn 50% of all sales. Please make your checks payable to the Lothrop PTO. All orders will need to be turned in to Kelly McMahon by Friday, September 28. The bulbs will be in two weeks after that. We will be able to send the bulbs home with your students. It is your support that enables us to help enrich our students education!
    • Please be on the lookout for our other fundraisers, like we have said in the past we are not expecting families to sell every one. We are hoping you will find one to support and go with it! Thank you in advance for your support of the PTO!

    Flagship Cinema Booklets

    • Don't forget we have flagship Cinema movie coupon books $25 cash only.

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    Pittsford Town Events

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