Ms. Ward's First Grade

Newsletter 12

This was a very productive week in 1st grade! We learned a lot, and even had time to have some fun with pumpkins. As we take a little break from spelling words, I am very impressed with how each and every student has made progress with phonemic awareness and understanding letter combinations. See below for more details about how your first grader handled his/her new Daily 5 responsibilities!

Pumpkin Day

Yesterday was pumpkin day in 1.3! We used small pumpkins to compare and contrast using our 5 senses. We used large pumpkins to practice important math skills like skip counting, weight, and circumference. We even cut into the pumpkins and slopped out all the goop! It was a huge mess, but huge fun, too!

Grand Opening!

This week was the Grand Opening of Ward-Medina Mall, a very well run mall with everything you could possibly need! The students got into groups and transformed into business owners. Each group decided on a store to open and what goods and services to sell. Some of the stores you can find in Ward-Medina Mall are a Pet Shop, Cupcake Shop, Technology Store, Spy Kids Store, and Toy Store. You can purchase everything from mini iPads to paying to get your dog washed. The teams then worked together to run their business, selling goods and services, handling the money, and splitting the earnings evenly among the employees.

Ask your first grader where they work, and perhaps you can receive a discount on certain items!!

New and Improved Daily 5

Daily 5 this week was great! I introduced the student contracts to the class, and each student showed great responsibility filling it out and keeping track of what they needed to finish before the end of the week.

Now that there are more choices each day-- the students make three choices instead of just 2-- they get an opportunity to try different activities and stay on task. The student contracts will be coming home for your review, so please be sure to ask your first grader all about what he/she did this week!


This week when I worked with the students, I assessed their progress in spelling, as well as their ability to read their popcorn words. Again, I was blown away by the progress the students are making in spelling. They are retaining knowledge of their letter combinations, and are better apt to sound out challenging words. To help your child with phonics, read an on-level book with them each night to expose them to many words, as well as allowing them to write answers to book-related discussion questions.

Next week, I will be monitoring each students' progress in reading and will be updating their reading level on RAZ kids if necessary.

Next Week

Because next week is only 3 days, we are going to have a review week. We will have no new popcorn words or spelling words. I am sending home a homework packet today (Friday) that will be due next Friday, November 8. Please try to work on this packet a little each night, as there are some things that require more than one night to complete.

This homework is not meant to be a burden, but just keep the kids thinking while they are on vacation!


There is no school Monday or Tuesday, November 4-5.

Enjoy your long weekend! Be safe, and I can't wait to see your kids again on Wednesday!

-Ms. Ward : )