VCR Lesson 5

By: Ritvik Bodducherla

Fill In the Blank

The truck full of candy _____________ the day of the bored children.
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Leaven (N.)

1.) A substance like yeast or a small amount of fermented dough that causes dough to expand or rise.

2.) A lightening or enlivening influence

Sample Sentences

  1. The Egyptians were the first to discover how to bake leavened bread with yeast.
  2. Comedians bring a leaven to our lives that we cannot find anywhere else.


  • Levis (Latin): Light in Weight
  • Levare (Latin): To Lift


Definition 1.

  • Rise
  • Expand

Definition 2.

  • Transform
  • Invigorate
  • Energize


  • Depress
  • Bring down/ Push down

Additional Information

  • Leaven can also be used as a transitive verb, as seen in the first sample sentence. To leaven something would mean to bake with yeast like a cake. It can also mean to provide a lightening influence, as seen in the fill in the blank.
  • A helpful way to think of the second definition of leaven is to redefine it as a positive influence, transformation, or change.
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Circle the letter of the sentence in which the word in bold-faced type is used incorrectly.

a) The bread in my kitchen has leaven.

b) I leavened my cake with yeast.

c) I used a leaven to make the class happy.

d) I leavened my way out of the hilarious situation.