Interpersonal Skills and Diversity

Tyler Nichols


Netiquette is the proper and polite way to communicate over the internet. This is very important in the workplace and since technology is taking over, it is a very good skill to have.
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Professionalism is a very good skill to have because it helps show polite manners in the workplace regardless of the situation. It also allows for good judgement in certain scenarios and this is always a good skill to have because others will respect you knowing you go about your job very seriously.
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The ability to be sensitive in a difficult situation. Tact is a great skill to have and it will help you say or do the appropriate thing in any given situation and it is also a skill that every employer looks for in someone they would hire.
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The ability to be on time and complete assignments or tasks on time as well. This is something a student and worker should have. Being a punctual person is a great thing and others will be able to trust you with any assignment or due date because they know you are always able to get the task done on time.
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Social Networking

Allows you to connect with others both socially and professionally. This is a great tool and skill because if you use social networking in a professional manner it allow you to successfully communicate with others, but if you don't and abuse it people will be able to see what you said or did online. Social networking is something that every individual should be very careful with because once it is online everyone can see it.
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