Tropical Rain Forest

Elizabeth Vasquez/1st period/Due Date:03/31/16


The Tropical Rainforest is located near the equator and it is hot all year around and 80-100 in of rain


Monkeys have adapted to the rainforest by being up in trees longer.And they mostly sleep up in the trees .


The toucan has bright colors as feathers which atract mates. Thanks to that there are able to reproduce.


This plant is like a huge container it can hold a lot of water it holds up to 1 gallon of water.But its beautiful.


This plant can grow anywhere but they can mostly be found in brunches,trunks,and even leaves.

Carniverous Plants

This plant is carniverous plant and it has adapted to getting nutrients from other animal matter.


This plant is known in Spanish as "matapalo"because it the tree it grows on because it does not want competition for nutrients.


This plant is has is really pretty and there is over 20,000 known of orchids.