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Mississippi Department of Education CCSS Text Exemplars

The Mississippi Text Exemplars list is a compilation of text titles gathered from teachers and English Language Arts specialists from around the state. More than 80 teachers and curriculum specialists were contacted and asked to identify texts that were used in grades 7-12 grades.

The MS English Language Arts Task force vetted these texts based on the following criteria:

  • appropriate age and grade-level text complexity
  • appropriate age and grade level context
  • value of literature and informational text to classroom instruction
  • recommendations of MELA teachers and specialists.

This is not a required reading list but it serves as a sample list of texts that have been used within the state of Mississippi.

Researching @ the Library: Science Online

Science Online offers a broad range of scientific disciplines in a variety of useful formats. Users can follow an extensive network of hyperlinks and suggested searches to related topics. Tabbed search results and Boolean search capabilities help users easily find their desired results. High-quality print, email, reduce-and-enlarge text, and save-to-folder capabilities, plus a help page, are also available.

See Mrs. Simmons for username and password.

Technology @ the Library: Infographics

iPad Apps to Create Infographics (graphic visual representations of information, data, or knowledge intended to present complex information quickly). Infographics Example

  1. Infographics: The Infographics App by Column Five is a selection of our data visualizations and other editorial infographics, which have been created for a wide range of clients. Some are meant to inform, and others are meant to entertain, and we hope you enjoy.
  2. Grafio: Create business models, flow charts, organizational charts, wire frames, network diagrams, business process diagrams, Venn diagrams, mind maps, mock-ups, text-and-audio notes, sketches and other illustrations. Everything is custom and modifiable
  3. MindMeister: MindMeister is the one and only mobile mind mapping app you'll ever need. Whether you're using it in the boardroom, the classroom, the presentation hall, or the lunch meeting, MindMeister can help you organize, prioritize, and even generate new thoughts.
  4. Maptini: Maptini lets you build mind maps collaboratively on your iPad, iPhone, or the Web, syncing data in real time as you work with your friends, classmates or colleagues from anywhere in the world. It’s a simple and intuitive tool for organizing and sharing your ideas from a lecture, a project, or a brain-storming session.
  5. Photo Stats: All you need to do to visualize your iPhoneography habits and make the coolest infographic ever is to choose time range of photos to be analyzed and the visual theme of your infographic. In a couple of moments you’ll have a visually appealing overview about how, when and where you take photos with iPhone.