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COVID Couldn’t Stop the CRTC

Our motto at the CRTC is “Be Prepared to Stand Out,” and in this COVID-impacted school year the CRTC - our students, staff and our wider community of parents/guardians, industry and postsecondary partners, proved that those words are more than a slogan.

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Saying Goodbye to a CRTC Legend

Chef Bob McIntosh will be retiring at the end of this school year after 20 years with the CRTC. A leader in New Hampshire high school Culinary program development and a nationally recognized Career and Technical Education teacher, Chef Mac is known to students and staff at the CRTC for his straightforward approach and his eagerness to encourage students to embrace challenges and expand the boundaries of their expectations.

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CRTC Completion Ceremony Rises Above COVID Challenges

For a second year, COVID precautions forced the CRTC program completion ceremony to be held in the Concord High School parking lot. But location had little impact on the spirits of attending family and friends or the celebration of the accomplishments of 237 CRTC students who successfully completed one of the CRTC’s 11 Career Pathway programs.

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First Responder Ride-Alongs Excite and Educate Emergency Services Students

On a Wednesday in late March, CRTC Emergency Services I student Sarah Lewis was living the dream, job shadowing at the Concord Fire Department’s Station 7, pulling a 11-hour shift alongside the rest of the station’s crew when the call came in for a woman who had overdosed on fentanyl. When they arrived at the scene the woman had stopped breathing and was turning blue.

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Meet Our Staff: Amy Tietjen Smith, CRTC Work-Based Learning Specialist

Learn a little more about CRTC Work-Based Learning Specialist Amy Smith by reading this month’s CRTC Staff Q&A.

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CRTC Cosmetology Students Showcase Historical Hairdos

What do Medusa, Queen Elizabeth I, Hedy Lamarr, Rosie the Riveter and legendary Irish pirate Grace O'Malley have in common? They were all on stage in the Concord High School Christa McAuliffe Auditorium recently for the annual CRTC Cosmetology Hair Show, which this year focused on “Hair Through the Ages.”

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CRTC Health Science Students Pass EMT Practical Exam

Nine Health Science EMT students have completed the CRTC EMT preparation program, which includes (in addition to classwork) 30+ hours of ambulance ride-along experience, and 4+ hours of clinical time working in the Concord Hospital Emergency Department. All nine passed the first of two certification exams.

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CRTC Maintains Workplace Connections in the Midst of COVID

In a school year complicated by COVID rules and restrictions, both in the classroom and on the jobsite, the CRTC still was able to connect 285 students to some form of Work-Based Learning experience by working with employers and taking advantage of online connections, in-school businesses and independent study.

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Services for CRTC Students and Families in Need

The protracted battle with COVID-19, and the associated economic and social fallout, has strained the resources and endurance of many individuals and families. But help is available as both school- and community-based services are ready to provide a wide range of support. Remember that we are all in this together, so there's no need for you to go it alone. Click Here to access a contact list of those support organizations.

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