Tobacco Smoking

By Justin Tian

What is Tobacco Smoking

For the past 7000 years, tobacco smoking has been done all over the world. So now it's the time to stop. You should stop because smoking can cause cancer and diseases, pollution and second-hand smoking. The pollution can harm the environment when plants and animals breathe it in. So by the end of this news article, you should know how bad it is to smoke. (See the picture below to know what smoking is.)
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Facts about the cancers and diseases

-The types of cancers and diseases smoking causes are the heart attack, blood clots, lung disease, lung cancer and much, much more.

-When you take 1 or 2 puffs of a cigarette, you will start developing cancer immediately because the cigarette chemicals take over your body in seconds.

-Cancer is a long-term effect which means it lasts for a very long time or your whole lifespan.

-You can only get a new heart from heart transplanting.

Facts About Second-Hand Smoking

-Second-hand smoking can make other people sick

-You can get sick because second-hand smokers are also breathing in the chemicals and the smoker is breathing.

-Animals suffer from second-hand smoking the most.

-It's illegal to smoke inside in most places in the world because it will cause second-hand smoking.

Facts About Smoking Addiction

-You get addicted to smoking because there is nicotine in cigarettes.

-Nicotine is a chemical in cigarettes that is very addictive.

-Addiction happens when chemicals called opioids ( the thing that causes addiction) and morphine (helps the chemical flow) goes in your brain.

-Nicotine is so strong that people can't even quit when they try to quit

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This is a website about why it's not good to smoke.

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Facts about things you might not know

-Dopamine is healthy things in your body which can be found in fruits and vegetables.

-Nicotine can be used as an insecticide.

-Dogs are most likely to suffer from lung cancer and dog types of lung cancers.

-Donors for heart transplants and the person that needs a new heart can get bladder problems and other types of problems.

-Smoking can cause pollution more than cars and trucks!

-Mainstream smoke is the smoke smokers breathe out and sidestream smoke is the smoke from burning cigarettes, cigars, or pipes.

-Second-hand smoke contains 100s of those chemicals are poisonous and about 70 of them cause cancer.


So as you can see, smoking should be stopped even if it looks cool, calms you down, or hides your emotions. It should also be stopped because it causes pollution and harms the environment. Smoking also causes addiction so other people around you start smoking. After you've heard all those things, you should know how important it is to QUIT or NOT SMOKE!