By: Mashaia Edwards


This is an amazing book. I highly recommend it to people that like scary books.The book "Unthinkable" is about this kid that has these gruesome visions, when he has these vision he writes them down on Facebook, but what he doesn't know is that he has a special power that lets his visions come to life if he writes them down. Also there is this strange goth girl that follows him around but later on in the story helps him get rid of his visions, but there is something strange about this girl and he also doesn't know that she is a demonic invincible human being.


The main characters were Omar, Sophie, and John. The character i related to the most is Omar because he has a lot of hard times. There actually wasn't any character that i didn't like. None of the characters reminded me of anyone else that was in a different book.

Theme or argument

I think the theme of the story was to not trust anybody you just met. Also i think its be careful what you wish for. The themes unfolded by how he wrote down his visions on Facebook or if he chooses to write them down or not. I have not read any other books that someone has visions that come to life. My favorite quote on the book is " what are you." and Omar says " i don't know." i like it because it kinda relates to me becuase im still learning who i am, and he is to.