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December 2015 News

Happy New Year ladies! The year of so many possibilities! I love New Years because it is a chance to turn over a new leaf. You can be anyone you want to be. Reach any goal you want to reach. The world is your oyster!

Each year, I tie up the loose ends from the previous year, and then I shut the book. Why? Because I won't get anywhere in 2016 if I keep rereading last year's novel. Take a deep breath and let go of the good & the bad, and focus on what really matters to you in 2016. I know for me, it doesn't matter that I fell off the train in 2015, Im GOING to pay off credit debt in 2016. I'm GOING to be sitting poolside in the Dominican Republic with my friends. So whatever your goal is, go all in! That way in a year, we can look back at our accomplishments and know that we gave it everything that we've got.

Enjoy this newsletter full of amazing accomplishments from so many & look forward to your new year!

The future starts today!

XO Kels


Cherish Sheehan is going to paradise for Free!

Cherish Sheehan worked hard and earned herself a 100% FREE trip the Hard Rock hotel in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Here's What She had to Say:

Q: What are you excited about for this year's trip?

A: "I'm excited about seeing friends I met last trip! it's so cool to meet new faces, build friendships and get to see them again!!"

Q: Why wouldn't you miss the trip?

A: "I can't wait to do the spa again and lay on the beach!!! for free!"

Q: What do you think was the key to your earning the trip?

A: "The key to earning the trip was making a plan and sticking to it! if I didn't do my monthly goal then the next month I have to do double!"

December 2016 Team Stats


Cherish Sheehan $3684.55

Graci Kriss $828

Lesley Jones $710.73

Team Sales:

Team SHEehan $15,925

Team Fun Sized Franchise $828

Team Jones $710.73

Top Party Average:

Lesley Jones $710.73

Cherish Sheehan $614.09

Graci Kriss $414

Top Party Girls:

Cherish Sheehan 6

Graci Kriss 2

Lesley Jones & Kristen Wadecki 1

Startswell Earners:

Lesley Jones lvl 4!!!! Way to go!

Big To-Do's

Congrats to Cherish Sheehan for earning an all expenses paid trip for one to Punta Cana!

How to hold a Successful Fundraiser by Graci Kriss

Graci's sister in law was diagnosed with a rare form of breast cancer this past fall. With funds tight, she wanted a way to be able to help her sister in law. See how she pulled out an amazing $600+ fundraiser this past December!

"I did the fundraiser for my sister in law because i wanted to show her that we were here for her and that she is not alone. I wanted to make a contribution to her recovery and I knew they didn't have a lot of money. We don't have a lot of extra money either so I talked to Jon and it was actually his idea to do the fundraiser. (he is the best!) I think that's what made the party successful is that everyone wants to do something to help a person in trouble, but they don't always know what to do/how to help. I reached out to everyone I know INDIVIDUALLY and asked my sister in laws, my mother in law, etc and all the guests who placed orders to invite their friends and family. Over all, we ended up with 1000 people or so in the group ( I think, I could be wrong). I also offered them the option of making a purchase or donating money. We made about $250 between the party and cash donations smile emoticon and I used the hostess credits to buy her things she had said she liked during the online party smile emoticon I also offered the half off/hostess exclusives/specials to people who had made large purchases or who had helped me work during the party as a thank you."

Setting goals that mean something in 2016

Ever feel like you set a goal, but you just can't reach it? Ever get disappointed because you start out with these lofty ideas, but then self doubt creeps in and turns them in to mush? Don't fear because 2016 is here!

The key to goal setting is to evoke your vision. But what does that even mean?

Evoking your vision means getting in touch with what you REALLY want in life. Think of it as the final destination to where you want to go in life. After all we can't get anywhere if we don't know where we are going right? "Without a purpose in life, its easy to get sidetracked on your life's journey... When you truly are on purpose, the people, resources, and opportunities you need naturally gravitate toward you." (Jack Canfield, The Success Principles).

Take 5 minutes to yourselves and close your eyes, listen to calming music, turn off the notifications on your phone, and truly picture your life. 1 year from now, 5 years from now 10 years from now. What does it look like?

I want you to take a piece of paper and write "My Vision" in the center. Then draw out 7 spokes and label them: financial, career, relationships, personal, health, community and free time. Think about what your ideal life would look like in each area & then write down what you decide!

Ask yourself questions like:

Financial: What is your annual income? What do you have in savings and investments? What sort of car do you drive? What kind of house can you afford? Picture the curtains, paint color, location- everything! Once you picture exactly what you want, your brain subconsciously solves the not enough money problem.

Career: Where are you working? With whom are you working? What are you doing? How does it make you feel? What sorts of clients do you do business with? What is your compensation like?

Free time: What sorts of activities do you participate in on your free time? How much free time do you have? What hobbies do you finally have the chance to pursue? What kind of vacations do you take?

Body: What does your ideal body look like? Are you free of diseases? Eating healthy? How long do you live? Are you flexible as well as strong? Are you full of vitality? Do you exercise daily?

Relationships: How are your relationships with your family and friends? Kids? What is the quality of your relationships? What do your friendships feel like? What kinds of things do you do together?

Personal: Do you see yourself going back to school, getting training, attending workshops, seeking our therapy, or growing spiritually? Do you meditate or go on spiritual retreats with your church? Do you want to write a novel or play an instrument? Run a marathon or take an art class? Travel to other countries? What are your personal bucket list items?

Community: What does the community in which you live look like? Do you give back? What kinds of activities take place there? How often do you participate in these activities? Who do you help? Is the community loving?

By answering these questions you will get a better idea of where you want to go in life. Based on that, break it down in to small action steps. For example, I want to do yoga every morning by my pool... while I don't have a pool (yet).. I can set my alarm for 1 hour earlier each day to start trying yoga! I promise, if you picture your life, not only will it come about, but it will also light your path when all other lights go out.

Consultant Corner

Lesley Jones

Lesley Jones is a wife, mother, member of the Air Force, photographer, and future Thirty-One leader. She works hard and finds the time to balance all of the hats she wears in her life. She is fun and has a kind warming heart. This past month she earned her last startswell in 48 hours due to her drive and determination to make the outlet sale work for her! She also went on to talk to a handful of complete strangers about the opportunity, and thinks she has 2 serious leads! Here's a little bit about her:

Joined: Sept 2015

Her Why: To be able to bring in some income while she stays home and takes care of her 2 baby boys, as well as builds her photography business.

Our Year in Review

Here are the stats from the entire downline for the 2015 year!

Parties: 423!!!

New Team Mates: 51 <Welcome ladies!

New Leaders: 1!

Team Sales: $249,172.84 <<A QUARTER of a MILLION dollars!!!! Wow!

And we have ladies in 9 states now! Including Hawaii!!

Director Stats

Kelsey Egan

Joined 10/2011

Promoted 5/2014

December Sales $1,659.74

Team Sales $7,216 Downline Sales $21,878

Recruits 1

Parties 4

Lifetime Sales $25,987

Lifetime Team Sales $151,562.59 Downline Sales $357,011.21

Lifetime Recruits 18

Lifetime Parties 57