Team StarStudded Recap

August was awesome!!!

Faster than the speed of light....

I don't know about you all, but Summer has been flying by! It seems like yesterday was Memorial Day Weekend and today it's Labor Day Weekend - crazy!!! What is so exciting about this weekend is it signifies the end of Summer and the gateway to Fall! We are entering the biggest selling season of the year and I am ready to book up my Fall so I have plenty of moola to spend over the holidays!!! I plan on using my leisure activities this weekend as opportunities to share the opportunity, book shows and sell on the go with look books in my pool bag and minis in my purse!!! Charge!!!!
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16 New Stylists Joined Our Tribe This Month!

A huge RockStars- Team StarStudded welcome to the following ladies who made the smartest decision ever and began their Stella Biz! A warm welcome to: Julia Bennett, Laura Ayvazian, Kristyn Moore, Kenzie Flynn, Leah Seastedt, Robbin Ward, Tiffany Canady, Elizabeth Martin, Amy Nolan, Evie Kontopos, Marijo Sunderman, Erin Hermes, Megan Beatt, Donna Bass, Sandra Blizzard and Kristen Mitchel!
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Wahooo August boasted 109 stylists qualified!!! Work it Girl!

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Just jump right in, the water feels great!!!

These ladies (as well as the stylists to highlighted below) jumped right on in to the August Style Rewards incentive and earned $100 in Free Product Credits by selling $2000+!!! Congrats to Jill Molony, Sara Filipski, Yolanda Noble, Brittani Coleman, Emily Walton, Erin Wesson and Amy Mando!! Enjoy your shopping spree!
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30 % Commission ? Yes Please!

Congrats to the following ladies who sold between $2300 and $4999: Heather Sparks, Darlene Cook, Kelli Kay, Kim Powers, Jaynee Buss, Kim Butler, Jordan Howard, Cassies Coleman, Abby Masinter, Britt Hauptman, Lindsey Rhoades, Lindsay Martin-Nez, Kristen Dudczak, Denise Hrudka, Kacie Holliman, April Williams and Paulina Gouzy.
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These Girls Are On Fire!

Sally Neff $6108

Courtney Shannon $5313

Nicole McNamee $5242

Barb Fogel $9369

Dona Lanier $6537

Madelon Lanier $11,187

Shelli Enright $5,614

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Promotions! Promotions! Promotions!

Congrats to Jordan Howard, Denise Hrudka and Kacie Hollman who promoted to Associate Stylist! I can't wait to see how high you soar!!
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Mark Your Calendar!

All Stylist Sampling begins 9/9/15 and runs throught 9/16/15. Customers can order beginning 9/10/15
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Because One Month Wasn't Enough!

This year our Breast Cancer Boutique runs from September 10 - October 31! Be sure to mention that during your booking conversations and group hellos - ladies love to give back!!! I would also suggest sampling the Resilience Cuff or Survivor Charms to market this opportunity! Doing good has never looked so fabulous!!
As always I am here to help, call or text anytime! xo, Courtney