804 Class 3

Socratic Seminars, Merrill's Principles, & Reality

How Do You Know that You Know That?

Is life a video game? | Elon Musk | Code Conference 2016

How is a Socratic Seminar Different from Discussion?

Questioning in a Socratic Seminar

When would you use this method?

  • What kinds of learning goals? (p. 386-388)
  • What kinds of content? (Figure 14-1, p. 384)
  • Would it work for your problem of instruction?

Which parts of this model should we adopt for this class?

  • Ground rules
  • Rubric or checklist (p. 392-394)
  • Tokens

Freeth, Mark (2014). Cube. https://flic.kr/p/nnjWr8 CC BY 2.0


  • Clarification
  • Probe assumptions
  • Probe reasons and evidence
  • Explore viewpoints & perspectives
  • Probe implications and consequences
  • Questions about questions

Your Ps and Qs

Socratic Seminar Kohlmeier Article

Merrill's Principles

Big image

Looking at these word clouds - what are some general conclusions about Merrill's principles?

Big image

Merrill's Principles

Merrill's principles are sometimes referenced as another "model of instructional design" similar to ADDIE. Do you agree or disagree? and why?

For each of the principles:

  • How do you see these principles in the Socratic Seminar as described in the textbook?
  • How do you see the principles in the article this week?
  • What about your own teaching or problem of instruction?


  • Major takeaways from today's discussion.
  • What do you wish we had more time to discuss?