Winn #IMPACT Week

Be the bigger person and help stop cyber bullying.

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Blue Wednesday

Did you know that around half of the teens in the world have been victims of cyber bullying? Not to mention that about ten to twenty percent of them continue to experience it regularly. Think you can make a change? Our Winn #IMPACT Week is geared towards helping victims of any type of bullying. On Blue Wednesday students are encouraged to wear blue in hope of stopping Cyber bullying. We hope victims reach out for help and that by-standers stand up for what they know is right. Above all, we want bullies to FINALLY stop what they already know is wrong.

-Kaylin Ibarra

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Winter Guard supporting our Blue Tuesday.

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We know and understand how bad cyber bullying is... This is why, we, Mavericks, stand together to make a change.

A keyboard away, DOESN'T make it okay!!!!!!! So get up and help us stop cyber bullying and any other types of bullying.

--Kaylin Ibarra