Boxer Rebellion

I-ho ch'üan will destroy the Ch'ing dynasty!


The Boxer Rebellion was started in Northern China 1898, by the I-ho chüan, a secret society of peasants. They wanted to destroy Ching Dynasty and to rid china of foreign influences. Their motavation was they were fed up with the way the foreign influences were affectioning China and how weak the Ching Dynastying was acting.
This secret society killed hundreds of foreigners and Chinese Christians. It only lasted till 1901, when they signed papers stating the attacks and the rebellion was over. Some lasting resoults were it weakened Ching Dynasty's power and speeding up the Republican Revolution. Late ron in 1911 Chian was made a Republic place.

Who all was involved?

To help and protect nterests in China, 2,100 international forces of Americans, British, Russian, French, Italian, and Japanese soldiers were sent to resolve the rebellion.