Grassroots Campaigns

Engage. Activate. Mobilize.

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About Us:

For more than a decade, Grassroots Campaigns has been on the front lines of progressive change. We’ve run hundreds of successful campaigns nationwide, designing and implementing innovative, data-driven field outreach for progressive candidates and groups.

Our Mission: to build support for progressive causes, candidates and non-profits using face-to-face field campaigns.

Why We Canvass: We believe that speaking to people face-to-face is the most powerful way to spur them to action: to donate, to volunteer, to get out to vote. Our staff has decades of experience specializing in face-to-face field work, making Grassroots Campaigns the leader in the field.

Our Issues: Women’s rights * Access to Health Care * LGBT equality * Environmental Conservation * Protecting Voting Rights * Getting Money Out of Politics * Common Sense Gun Safety Laws * Eliminating Systemic Poverty Around the World * Curbing Global Climate Change

Our Partners: Grassroots Campaigns works with the top advocacy and charitable groups working on progressive issues, like Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, the Southern Poverty Law Center, The Nature Conservancy, and Doctors Without Borders.

Why now? 2016 is an important year. So many issues need so much work, and on top of that, it’s vitally important that we elect progressives at every level this November. We need smart, politically motivated people to come one board and run a campaign!

Make the Difference in 2016!

Grassroots Campaigns is going to be everywhere in 2016.

We’re hiring right now because we’ll not only be expanding our existing, year round campaigns, going from 18 to 40 campaign offices by mid May, but later this year we’ll be launching 50+ offices doing voter registration, persuasion, and turnout in key battleground races across the country. Here’s what our 2016 field staff will be doing:

Phase 1: Starting after graduation, you would be placed as part of the leadership team on one of our issue-focused small donor fundraising canvasses. Build a local membership base for a top advocacy group or non-profit, like the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, The Nature Conservancy, and Doctors Without Borders, and learn to run a field campaign from top to bottom.

Phase 2: In September, you would be deployed on a high-impact election project somewhere in the country, running the on-the-ground leg work that needs to be done to elect better leaders at every level, from the presidential race, to high impact congressional races, to state legislative races.