By: Jorge Adams

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Ireland is located in Europe

Geographical Information


Continent Location ~ Europe.

The area of Ireland ~ 43665.62 sq mi

Climates ~ Temperate maritime, mild winters, cool summers, humid, overcast a lot of the time.

Arable Land ~ 15.4% of arable land

Capital of Ireland ~ Dublin

3 Largest Cities by Population ~

  1. Dublin, Leinster,
  2. Cork, Munster
  3. Dún Laoghaire , Leinster

Demographical Information


Population ~ 4,892,305 people

Population Density ~ 67 people per sq Kilometer

Growth Rate ~ 1.25% population increase

% Urbanized ~ 63.2% urbanized people

Life Expectancy ~

  • 80.68 Years Old
  • World Rank^ ~ 31

AIDS Rate ~

  • 0.28% Prevalence rate
  • World Rank^ ~ 87

Literacy Rate ~ 17.9% of adults can read


  • English
  • Irish (Gaelic or Gaeilge)

Ethnicity Pie Chart Below ~

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Cultural Info

Culture in Ireland... What's it like?

Customs and Traditions ~ The national symbol for Ireland is the harp so lots of harp players there. They watch a lot of the same things we watch. Instead of shaking your hand they hug each other. A tradition is Christmas, I know that we celebrate this but they take this very seriously, the steps are below

  1. clean house
  2. decorate the house and start baking food
  3. making of plum pudding, breads and different types of meat
  4. then cook the main meal such as a cooked goose and other things like that.

Food ~

  • Irish Stew - meat, potatoes, onions and carrots,
  • Fry – it is a breakfast food that has sausages, bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms, eggs, black and white pudding with soda bread
  • Clothing ~ Lots of traditional Irish clothing we all know what it looks like. It is green and plaid right. Well yes but it is not like that anymore. Most clothing is like what we wear here but they wear more layers because it is significantly colder their.

    Recreation ~ One of the main sport they play is Gaelic; it is basically football but it comes from a traditional irish game as well. They also do play soccer, golf, pool, hurling and many other things for fun. They also just enjoy playing outside and having cookouts.

    Religion ~ most of the people in Ireland are Roman catholic so they celebrate christmas, easter and other Jesus featured holidays. The Irish have even made up their own "church" or religion that is just like christians but basically the irish make up extra rules and things.

    Political Information

    Politics in Ireland

    Type of Government ~ Parliamentary Republic

    Freedom House Political Rights Score ~ 96 and 100 being the best it can be

    Civil Rights Score ~ 1 and 1 being the best

    Press Freedom ~ Free

    Corruption Perception Index ~ 75

    World Rank^ ~ 18

    Domestic/Regional Conflicts ~ Arguments over the boundary line of Denmark by being over 200 nm.

    Economical Information

    Economics in Ireland

    GDP ~ 227.5 Billion U.S. Dollars

    World Rank ~ 44

    Labor = 100%

    agriculture = 5%

    industry = 19%

    services = 76%