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The Strong Battery Life of South Beach Smoke Impressed my friend!!

I recently ordered electronic cigarettes from South Beach Smoke as well as a different brand that has got no name. It was a local brand. To be honest, I actually tried to bring out the difference between a top brand and a local brand. I thought of doing this because a friend of mine was using a local brand because it was really cheap. Though I asked him to stop using that cigarette but he didn’t pay any attention. I made myself sure that both the batteries had charge. Thus, I was able to test everything right out of the package. I started testing both the batteries with each of the five cartridges. There are 5 flavors to choose from; tobacco, menthol, vanilla, chocolate and cherry. Each cartridge is estimated to last as long as or slightly longer than one pack of cigarettes.

I tried both. In terms of taste, the difference was just incomparable. The puff given by the local brand was not up to the mark. That’s what I wanted to show to my friend. I even noticed that the battery life was very short and I had to recharge it again in order to take a puff. While on the other hand, South Beach Smoke’s battery life was simply awesome. The battery life was durable and I was able to vape with it for several days. As it was proved that South Beach Smoke is one of the best e cigarette brands, I thought of explaining this to my friend.

So I called up my friend and asked him to come to my room. He came to my room and I explained him all that related to South Beach Smoke electronic cigarettes. I even showed him genuine e cigarette reviews and finally he was satisfied. Now it has been a year and he is still continuing with South Beach Smoke. I am very happy as I was able to help him with a good brand.