Is a math teacher cool

By Uriel Navarrete

What do math teacher do ?

Of all my years as a student I never really paid to what a teacher really does. Well I'm tell what they from the prospective of a teacher.she believes that teachers should motivate student.Teacher create lesson plan that there student would enjoy.Teacher also have to supply the right knowledge so you can apply it to your everyday life. Most teacher work 40 hours maybe 3-10 of planning.

Pros vs Cons

  • Educate the young people minds
  • Good paid & benefits
  • socialize with people
  • Feeling under appreciated

What are requirements for becoming a teacher

You can start with a bachelor's degree but the higher education more pay.You can go to any four year university.


  • Starting pay is at $42,000 depending of your college degree you pay can advance to $69,035 more education and experience more pay.

Career Prospect

  • How many males and females work in this field? GIve Percentage
43% in male and female they are 57%

  • In 10 years would this career depends on how willing people want to be a teacher.