Maria Cadena Digital Journal

Stinging Dust Forgotten Lives February 12, 2016

The dust bowl was a 10 year period disaster. It hurt a lot of people and their families the most. The amount of dust was massive that it cause the soil to get dry and not be able to plant crops anymore. The people had too buy gum tape to cover up their windows but sadly the gum tape didn't help the dust from entering. Some families couldn't with the circumstances and decided to get on their jellope and move to a better place to live.

Chapter 3 Fight scene 2-15-16

On Chapter 3 there's a fight between George and Curley. Curley started to punch Lennie knowing Lennie is defenseless so he just stayed in shocked and didn't even throw back a punch at him. So George gets in the fight and starts to punch Curley and then grabs him by the arms so then Lennie could hit him too. Lennie didn't have control over himself and starts to punch Curley so bad that he hurt so bad his left hand. Lennie keep yammering that he didn't want to hurt him but George tells him that's he deserved it. So at the end they go out to look for a doctor to help out Curley with his hand.