Safety in the bathroom!

By: Autumn Spence

Accidents in the bathroom…

A lot of things can a happen to your Child in the bathroom, especially if your child is a toddler or baby. Every year a child dies because of bathroom related injuries. This flyer is going to give you tips and preventions to keep your child safe from harm.

How to prevent injuries!

·         Put up all electrical products!  Never have an electrical product plugged up around any source of water. There is a risk of being electrocuted. ·         Use slip resistant mats or materials in and around wet areas. Purchase mats with a non-slip backing or gritty surface, to help prevent bathroom slips and falls.·         Keep all medicine, cosmetics, mouthwash, and cleaners out of the reach of children. Keep the poison control center’s number always. ·         Set hot water heaters no higher than 48 degrees C.  A lower water temperature helps make bathing safe.  Always turn on the cold water first.·         NEVER LEAVE YOUR CHILD ALONE IN THE BATH TUB!!!!


It takes less than three seconds for a child to be burn by hot water.A child can drown in an inch of water.A child can get top heavy and fall into the toilet and drown so you should buy a toilet lock.Buy a latch to go on the bathroom door can prevent your toddler from going in there unsupervised.Keeping all cleaners, make up, mouth wash, or medicine up and away from your child’s reach can prevent it from being poisoned.