Mid-Term Exam Part 2 DUE!

すいようび (suiyoubi-Wednesday)- Mar 18, 2015

Today's Important Info:

(◕‿◕) おはようございます!きょうはすいようびです。

  • If you have not taken mid-term exam part 1 yet, please do so NOW. You don't want to get a 0% for not taking it. >o<
  • Make sure you all use a computer that can read Japanese font. (よめますか.) <--If the Hiragana doesn't show up here and you see boxes, then you need to fix this or switch computers that can display Japanese font.
  • REMEMBER THAT YOU CAN NOT USE NOTES, GOOGLE TRANSLATE OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT TO TAKE THE MID-TERM. (It says that right in the beginning of the mid-term!) If you do, you will receive a 0%!
  • Part 3: of your mid-term exam is DUE TOMORROW! Mar 19th!
  • Make sure you attend your language coaching sessions this week! (This will be VERY hard to make up if you miss it.)
  • For those of you who have completed all of the Mid-term successfully and have NO missing work, please go ahead and look over lesson 8 vocab/grammar, as well as the Final Project (which many of you probably have already looked at?) ^o^ Keep up the good work!

☻ /


Mid-Term Exam Important INFO

I had some of you who had tech issues, where the computer shut you out of the test even before starting it. Please don't freak out. I'll do my best to clear it as soon as I am able too. Please just send me a text letting me know that you had this problem. Please DO YOUR BEST.

*Make sure you do NOT have any other tabs open while you start your test. The computer may shut you out of your exam.
*You are NOT allowed to use notes, translators etc for any part of the test.
*Any questions, please text and ask.

ホールせんせい ^.^
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Click this link to find troubleshoots for coaching, learn different ways to attend. Learn how to attend using a phone! ^o^ If you're having trouble >.< with attending coaching, here are some info to help you. ^.^