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December 2018 Newsletter

Greyhound of the Month Assembly

By: Faith Magruder

Helllllllllllllllllllllllllllllo Greyhounds! It is your "paw"sitively awesome girl Faith here with a new article. Now, I hope your kids have been on their best behavior because they might be student of the month! This assembly recognizes the top-of-the-top-best-behavior- children in every class! I hope they are trying their very best to be good students! You never know, they just might pick your child for student of the month! This month's Greyhounds of the month are: Maleah Waggoner, Trenton Beckett, Callie Lewis, Jace Schneider, Corey Vaughn, Hayler Murphy, Rylee Divine, Eli Matthews, Elliott Jones, Chevin Edwards, Vivian Tennyson, Wes Rebel, Amelia Schreiber, Maddy Sims, Alex Bippert, Gabrielle Rettig, Cale Wills, Asher Filbeck, Ava Elliott, Ali Stevens, Braxton Anaya, Ninive Valente, and Cooper McGaha. Watch the videos down below to see the assembly.


Student of the Month

Congratulations to Sarah Timberlake our Ewalt student of the Month. Sarah was nominated by both 5th grade teachers and she represented Ewalt at the Student of the Month Luncheon at the High School. Sarah is the daughter of Rebecca and Mike Timberlake. This is what Sarah's teachers said about her. "Sarah is a true example of what it means to be kind to others. She shows compassion beyond her years, and has been observed many times showing empathy to others. We are so proud of Sarah for always giving a helping hand and a kind word to anyone who needs it. In addition to her compassion, Sarah also shows what it means to be a 5th grader every day by following the expectations and representing herself well. Thank you, Sarah, for being such an awesome addition to 5th grade this year, and we know as you grow older, these characteristics will take you far!"
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Giving Tree

By: Chloe Cotton

Hi it is almost December and we are going to put up the giving tree so that the families that can not get christmas can have it. We do not want them to have to miss out on all of the fun and family that other people get. Here is how it works if you are a family that needs assistance then you can contact our counselor Mrs. Apel for help. If you contact her about the giving tree then you have to tell her what your kids want or need so they can have a happy Christmas. What she is going to do when she knows what you need for your kid or kids is write them on a paper ornament so she can put them on the giving tree. If your family can help, please send the green slip that went home in the Wednesday packet and your child can choose an ornament. Once you purchase your gift, please return it to school wrapped, with the ornament attached. All gifts need to be returned to the school no later than December 14th. We still have plenty of ornaments to choose from. All we want is you and your loved ones to have a Merry Christmas.

5th Grade Band and Music Concert

By Gabrielle Rettig

The music and band concert is on 20th of December. They have to wear nice clothes like you would wear to church. The concert will start at 7:00 people who play instruments or sing. Students have to be there at 6:45. It will end at about 7:45 so come and watch all these kids share their playing and singing talents. The theme is a winter holiday theme. The band will play bass, woodland, and percussion instruments. In the background of the singers there will be tubano drums, shakers, and double bells.

Lost and Found

By Hayden Murphy

We have a problem, and we need your help!

We have a place where things go when we kids lose them. It’s called the lost and found. It is located inside the Ewalt lobby. We have so many things in the lost in found, we had to get a coat ring for clothes like, jackets, shirts, sweaters, coats, etc. I'll tell you some things in the lost and found incase it’s your child’s. There are hats, gloves, coats, sweaters, scarves, and more! Sadly, we cannot wait long for their owners to claim them, because soon we will give them to the Caring Center. So please come claim them!

Library Mural

by Gabrielle Rettig

Have you seen the beautiful Mural in the library? Mrs. Martin wanted the library to be painted because there is a story to tell. So, she talked to Erin Pankratz and Erin came up with a plan. The theme of the library is Reading is dreaming with your eyes open! Even though Mrs.Martin liked the library before it was painted she now likes it even more. Mrs.Martin loves Erin’s paintings and will for now on. Hope you like Erin’s paintings as well. Erin plans to continue painting until she has gone all the way around the library. We will keep on admiring her paintings for a long time. Thank you Erin for sharing your talents with us. bye.

Math Olympics Follow-Up

By: Tyler Mullin

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Math Olympics. We raised a about $4,800 as a school. The winner for Principal for a Day is Brody Chappell (pictured below) and he raised a total of $615. 3rd grade raised over $1,000 so they get to silly string their teachers. The classes with the most money raised in each hallway get a pizza party. These are the winning classes for the pizza also from 3rd grade is McCoskey’s class and the other winning class is Mrs. Sudduth’s class. Great job! PTO will use the money to help buy technology for the classrooms.

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Battle of the Books (BOB)

By Hayden Murphy

B.O.B or battle of the books, is back! In case you don’t know what B.O.B is, it is where kids team up with about 5 people and read lots of books. Then they are asked questions about the books they read while competing against another team. The team with the most points wins. You get points by getting the questions right. If your child would like to participate, Mrs. Martin will be sending home notes for you to sign. Ewalt won 1st place in the district championship last year and you can see their trophy in the Library.

Yearbook orders

Don't miss out on your chance to purchase a yearbook to help you remember the 2018-2019 school year. Yearbooks are currently $16, but they will go up to $20 after January 1st. If you would like to purchase one you can send a check to the office or get on your Powerschool account and pay it as a fee. If you have any questions contact Christina in the office at 316-775-0056.

We are trying to also encourage people to read our newsletter. If you read this sentence, please have your child come to the office and tell Mrs. Thackery "yearbook" for a prize out of the treasure box. Thanks.

Upcoming Events


7th - Watch Dog Dad - Aaron Jackson

  • Splash - Mrs. Laing's Class @ 8:30am
  • Splash - Mrs. Dunsmoor's Class @ 12:30pm

9th - Ms. Shannon's Birthday

11th - Mrs. McCoskey's Birthday

14th - Watch Dog Dad - Travis Tennyson

  • Splash - Mrs. Laing's Class @ 8:30am
  • Splash - Mrs. Dunsmoor's Class @ 12:30pm
  • eMart Christmas Store open now everyday until December 20th.

18th - Kdg. Polar Express Day

20th - 5th Grade Band/Choir Concert at AHS @7pm

  • School Sing Along @ 2:00

21st-January 3rd - No School - Winter Break


3rd - 1st day back

4th - Mrs. Maska's Birthday

8th - PTO Meeting @ 6pm

9th - Ms. Mendee's Birthday

17th - IDEA Card Sales Begin

  • 3rd Grade to the Symphony
21st - No School

22nd - Mrs. Sudduth's Birthday

29th - Kansas Day