Occupy Wall Street Movement

Written By: Jack Brown

What is it?

The Occupy Wall Street Movement is a group of people that call themselves "The 99%" which refers to the 99% percent of people that they believe are effected by the high banking corporations in the United States. They believe banking corporations are ruining the economy and they are controlling the 42% of the financial wealth i the United States. The 99% thinks it unfair that average people are struggling financially.

How the People Reacted

  • Would stand in crowds in front of major financial buildings
  • Hold large signs that have sayings of the protesters "We are the 99%"
  • Yell and even scream chants that didn't mean anything
  • Camp in tents outside of the financial buildings
  • they would block the bank workers from getting to their jobs
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Effects of the Movement

  • The Movement didn't change anything after it was over
  • The major banking and financial groups still have large amounts of power
  • The lower and middle lower class are still struggling with unemployment and money
  • There were few changes that financial changes that the industries took
  • The banking industry are starting to charge the people for everyday things

Protester demonstrating beliefs

The participates of the Occupy Wall Street movement demonstrated their beliefs by making the thing that they want as big as possible and to try to make everyone see their beliefs such as putting the beliefs on the news. They also let no one stop them from believing in what they want.